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Bitcoin News: In UK and EU, Mastercard introduces a BTC card

Mastercard introduces a Bitcoin card

A debit Bitcoin card issued by Moorwand and supported by the Mastercard (NYSE: MA) network has been made available, according to Bybit, the third most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

According to a press release on March 6, users will be able to easily transition from the cryptocurrency world into the fiat world and make purchases or withdraw cash from ATMs using this card.

Customers can avoid middlemen and other off-ramp providers by using Bybit Card to pay directly for goods and services using their cryptocurrency holdings. When this service becomes available, clients in eligible nations in Europe and the UK who have finished the necessary KYC and AML processes will be able to use it.

A core selection of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, and XRP, will be supported by the Bybit Card at launch. In the future, additional cryptocurrencies might be supported. The client’s remaining balance in these digital assets will be immediately converted into either Euros or British Pounds, depending on the client’s location, if a payment is requested.

Customers will receive the physical cards from Bybit in the mail starting in April. These cards will give customers access to ATM withdrawals, allow them to make purchases at merchant locations around the world, and aggregate spending limits across the various currencies they have in their Bybit accounts.

Senior Vice President of Fintech and Crypto Mastercard Europe, Christian Rau, said:

“Mastercard enables customers, merchants, and businesses to move digital value — traditional or crypto — however they want, with the confidence that they are doing so safely and securely. With launches like this, we’re excited to continue to innovate in payments by making digital assets more accessible across the ecosystem.”

Notably, the action comes in response to VISA’s (NYSE: V) February decision to introduce Bitcoin and cryptocurrency cards in the UK and 40 APAC nations.

The payment giants had been rumored to put off their further forays into the cryptocurrency sector despite having made numerous advances in opening their business toward the space due to concerns over its stability. Visa, however, has since reaffirmed its dedication to cryptocurrencies and denied reports that it will halt its support for them because of volatile market conditions.

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