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CZ: Do This to Get on Binance ‘Automatic Blacklist’

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) said if you see a project rep doing this, it is an assurance they will Never get listed on Binance.

You’re out after one strike.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) shared his top tips for getting tokens listed on his Centralized Exchange last month (CEX). CZ has now warned users to avoid doing one thing that will result in an “automatic blacklist” from Binance.

What exactly is this unforgivable sin? Sharing a photo with CZ and claiming that it guarantees Binance will list your project’s token.

The term “SRT” refers to a recent invite-only cryptocurrency event held in Dubai. When a meeting, or part of a meeting, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor affiliation of the speaker(s) nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.”

CZ responded to a Twitter user’s comment by saying that anyone who claims they will list on Binance before they are listed is automatically banned.

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what is Binance?

Binance bills itself as the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and crypto-asset infrastructure provider, with a financial product suite that includes the world’s largest digital asset exchange in terms of volume. The Binance platform aims to increase users’ financial freedom by offering a diverse portfolio of crypto-asset products and services such as trading and finance, education, data and research, social good, investment and incubation, decentralization, and infrastructure solutions.

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