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ETH (Attack)N.Korean hackers launder $27.18M

On January 13, the Lazarus Group, which is responsible for the hack, transferred more than $60 million of the ETH stolen funds.

The Harmony Bridge attackers, who stole $100 million in Ethereum (ETH) in June, are still at large. According to on-chain sleuth ZachXBT, the hackers laundered $27.18 million of the stolen ETH over the weekend.

According to the investigator, the laundered funds were distributed to six different exchanges. Furthermore, some of the stolen assets were frozen by the receiving exchanges, according to ZachXBT.
The FBI identified North Korean hacking organization Lazarus Group and its sub-unit APT38 as the perpetrators of the Harmony Bridge attack earlier this week. The Lazarus Group and related organizations are funded by the North Korean government.

On January 13, the hackers had laundered more than $60 million in stolen ETH, which assisted the FBI in identifying the attackers. Furthermore, the FBI had frozen some of the stolen funds through exchanges.

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