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Arbitrum: OpenLeverage Launches on Arbitrum, Money Market for Long-Tail Tokens

Discover the latest developments in the Arbitrum ecosystem with OpenLeverage, a cutting-edge permissionless margin trading protocol that aims to fill a void in the space. Learn how OpenLeverage is providing increased support for “long-tail tokens” on Arbitrum and facilitating more liquidity for borrowers, lenders, and other projects through strategic partnerships. With Arbitrum’s explosive growth and OpenLeverage’s innovative approach to lending and margin trading, the future of DeFi looks brighter than ever before.

With OpenLeverage, the vast majority of the 300+ protocols available on Arbitrum are now able to participate in lending and borrowing. This feature allows for the seamless creation of margin markets, much like those found on a traditional decentralized exchange (DEX). Furthermore, OpenLeverage is accessible to anyone, opening up opportunities for a wider range of users to participate in these markets.

OpenLeverage Fills a “Void” in the Arbitrum Ecosystem

On April 18th, the Permissionless Money Market of OpenLeverage was launched on Arbitrum. This exciting development is designed to provide increased support for lesser-known tokens, such as $MAGIC, $GNS, $RDNT, and $GRAIL. By enabling access to these “long-tail tokens,” OpenLeverage is further expanding opportunities for traders and investors alike.

OpenLeverage has formed strategic partnerships with prominent entities such as GMX, Radiant Capital, Gains Network, and Buffer Finance. By doing so, the protocol is able to facilitate increased liquidity for borrowers, lenders, and a wide range of Arbitrum-based projects. These partnerships are a testament to OpenLeverage’s commitment to fostering a thriving and dynamic ecosystem on the Arbitrum network.

“Our upcoming permissionless liquidity market will enable Arbitrum borrowers to provide any token as collateral to borrow majors, unleashing liquidity for long-tail token holders to capture more opportunities and help reduce volatility and token selling pressure,” OpenProtocol said in a statement.

OpenLeverage has identified a gap in the Arbitrum ecosystem, namely the lack of a truly permissionless lending and margin trading protocol. OpenLeverage aims to fill this gap and benefit both communities through its innovative lending protocol.


Individuals on Arbitrum can now create margin trading markets without requiring permission for any pair, just as they create liquidity pools on DEXs. This is made possible by accessing depth from Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) without permission, in contrast to traditional leveraging mechanisms on centralized exchanges (CEXs).

With 95% of Arbitrum’s 300+ protocols now eligible to lend and borrow under its permissionless money market, OpenLeverage is leading the way in this area. Additionally, the lending protocol offers lenders higher interest rates than other lending protocols on Arbitrum, thereby increasing yields and alpha.

It is worth noting that Arbitrum One has experienced explosive growth since its Mainnet beta launch in May 2021. As a leading Layer-2 Ethereum blockchain with improved transaction speed and scalability, Arbitrum’s TVL currently stands at $3.78 billion, with GMX dominating 29% of it. While Arbitrum ($ARB) is trading at 1.57, down 9.95% in the last 24 hours, OpenLeverage ($OLE) is trading at $0.02505, down 11.77% in the same period.

What is OpenLeverage?

OpenLeverage is a cutting-edge permissionless margin trading protocol designed to enable traders and applications to efficiently long or short any trading pair on DEXs in a secure and streamlined manner.

The protocol’s ultimate goal is to establish a decentralized crypto securities service for both retail and institutional clients, as well as a decentralized lending, derivatives trading, and asset management infrastructure that can seamlessly integrate with the global DeFi ecosystem. With this vision, OpenLeverage is poised to play a pivotal role in driving the next wave of innovation in the rapidly-evolving DeFi space.

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