Synergy of Charity and Cryptocurrency

Humans Care Foundation (HCF) is where charity meets the blockchain industry within one advanced project. These two markets — charity and cryptocurrency — combined are worth over $5 trillion, and charities all over the world continually prove their value by delivering help to those in need.

The reason this happens is that more and more people from the developed world understand that there are entire nations that are crippled by systemic issues and need humanitarian aid to even begin solving them, and there is no way for them to move forward without the world’s help. People are ready to donate their time and money, but only if they are sure their contribution goes toward the cause they donated to. charity and cryptocurrency

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HCF is a decentralized platform for charity and a high-tech solution provider for developing countries. The company is currently deploying two projects: Humans Care Foundation: House – the mission of HCFH cryptocurrency is to raise funds to build housing for victims of natural and humanitarian disasters on the African continent; and Humans Care Foundation: Childhood — the HCFC cryptocurrency’s mission is to raise funding for African children who need help. Leveraging blockchain technology solves the issues of trust through unprecedented transparency, traceability, and security. Donors can send their contributions anywhere in the world and be 100% sure their funds are used the right way. In addition, social media tools allow donors to track actual progress on the ground. By the way, there is a lot of media from Africa on HCF’s social media pages. The marriage of transparency and openness serves to boost the effectiveness of charity campaigns and the actual aid being delivered.

HCF’s mission is to create a sustainable platform that can scale and solve problems quickly in any region of the world.

How Does It Work?

The Humans Care Foundation expert council monitors humanitarian crises, collaborating with global charity funds and activists, and uses the data to conceptualize an effective campaign. Once that is done, the Foundation puts maximum effort to raise awareness of the issue through traditional media, social media, and influencers.

The technical side is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, with a proprietary token governed by a smart contract that even allows for mining. By the time each project gets its respective coin officially listed, communities on social media are ready to hit the ground running and provide liquidity for the token.

During blockchain development, the fund is allocated a certain fixed amount of coins that serve as the campaign budget.

The sale proceeds are directed towards the cause of the campaign, with the progress broadcasted to traditional and social media. This ensures the public’s loyalty is upheld, which translates into more effective delivery of aid.

The DAO structure allows the community to participate in the project’s development. Every token holder gets to steer the project through voting.

HCF mechanisms provide the opportunity for the audience of donors to not only choose the project they resonate the most with but also trace 100% of their contributions and ensure they reach their destination, just as planned.


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