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Tether to reduce secured loans to zero in 2023

The world’s largest stablecoin issuer, Tether, has pledged to eventually stop the practice of lending out funds from its reserves, saying it is “mission critical to restore faith” in the crypto market.

In a Dec. 13 post, the stablecoin issuer addressed recent mainstream media FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) concerning its secured loans, among other FUD which has hit the “rumor mill.”

Tether reiterated that its secured loans are over-collateralized and covered by “extremely liquid assets,” while also adding that the firm would be eliminating these loans throughout 2023, stating:

Tether is announcing starting from now, throughout 2023, it will reduce secured loans in Tether’s reserves to zero.

Tether’s secured loans operate similarly to private banks lending to customers using secured collateral, the company explained. However, unlike banks that operate on fractional reserves, Tether claimed that its loans are fully backed by over 100%.

The move is likely in response to a WSJ report earlier this month that alleged these loans were risky. It claimed that the “company may not have enough liquid assets to pay redemptions in a crisis.”

It is not the first time the WSJ has targeted Tether. In August the outlet said that Tether could be deemed “technically insolvent” if its assets fell just 0.3%. The stablecoin issuer refuted the claims at the time stating that it had increased the legitimacy and transparency of its attestations by hiring a top-5 accounting firm.

According to those attestations, 82% of Tether reserves are held in “extremely liquid” assets.

In October, Tether responded to more media FUD by further eliminating commercial paper from its reserves and replacing the investments with U.S. Treasury Bills.

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In its most recent statement, the company stated that it will wind down its lending business without losses and continue its mission to prioritize transparency and accountability.

“We will continue to show Tether’s resilience through the most uncertain times, regardless of the story fabrications and disinformation concocted by Tether Truthers and clickbait headlines from mainstream media that have been consistently wrong about Tether, for close to a decade.”

Tether is currently the leading stablecoin issuer with 65.8 billion USDT circulating giving it a market share of 46.6%, according to CoinGecko.

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