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The Push Protocol Adds Messaging Services to the BNB Chain

Millions of BNB Chain users will now be able to communicate with hundreds of popular projects using the Push Protocol Web3 messaging system.

Push Protocol Goes Multichain

Push Protocol has confirmed a BNB Chain expansion, ushering in a new era of multichain use in its Web3 messaging ecosystem.

Thats Protocol, which is already live on Ethereum and Polygon, is expanding to the world’s largest smart contract blockchain, BNB Chain. According to a press release shared with BSC News, millions of users on BNB Chain can now integrate and use Push’s protocol to help drive the human interaction at the heart of Web3 through notifications and alerts.

“Launching on BNB Chain helps Push to get closer to its vision of onboarding one billion users to web3. Until now, Push Protocol’s web3 notification services have been limited to Ethereum and Polygon,” said Founder and Project Lead at Push Protocol, Harsh Rajat. “We know that BNB Chain is hugely popular with retail investors and are excited to expand our offering to this entirely new segment. I’m excited about the launch and believe this is the next step towards delivering truly decentralized notifications, messaging and communications to everyone.”

Hundreds of major and influential Web3 protocols use Push to communicate across Ethereum and Polygon. 1inch, SushiSwap, ApeSwap, Aave, Decentralanad, and many more. The BNB Chain expansion only brings the BNB Chain community closer to the communities on other chains, providing a net benefit to the space by bridging communication between previously separated parties.

Alvin Kan, Director of Growth at BNB Chain, was “thrilled” to see the partnership come to fruition, citing new accessibility and Push’s professional product as reasons for his enthusiasm.

“At BNB Chain, we are thrilled to see Push Protocol’s unwavering commitment to driving mass adoption of web3 technology. The expansion of their decentralized communications suite to BNB blockchain is a testament to their vision of bridging the gap between the traditional web and the decentralized world. The launch of Push Protocol on BNB Chain will bring a whole new level of accessibility to its easy-to-use communication interface powered by decentralized notifications and messaging.”

What is BNB Chain:

BNB Chain, formerly known as the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), is a community-driven, decentralized, and censorship-resistant blockchain powered by Binance. It consists of BNB Beacon Chain and BNB Smart Chain, both of which are EVM compatible and enable a multi-chain ecosystem. BNB Chain’s MetaFI concept aims to build the infrastructure that will power the world’s parallel virtual ecosystem.

bnb chain
bnb chain

Find more about BNB Chain here:

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What is Push Protocol:

Push Protocol is a web3 decentralized communication protocol. Any dapp, smart contract, backend, or protocol can send communications (beginning with on-chain/off-chain/gasless notifs) tied to user wallets in an open, gasless, multichain, and platform agnostic manner. The open communication layer enables any crypto wallet or front end to connect to the network and communicate.

Where to find Push:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram |


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