Ethereum (ETH) NFT sales climb 43% in 2023

Ethereum (ETH) NFT sales

Ethereum (ETH) NFT sales in January 2023 totaled $780.2 million, a significant increase over the previous month but still 85% lower year on year.

In January, Ethereum (ETH) NFT sales rose by 43% compared to December, totaling $780.2 million, with 267.6k unique sellers and 257.6k unique buyers. The increase in sales indicates a growing interest in NFTs, with a 31% increase in unique sellers and a 37% increase in unique buyers. However, the average sale price in January was $372, lower than the average of $391 in December. The highest sales day in January was Jan. 18 at $43.9 million, which was the highest sales day since May 20, 2022.

Ethereum NFT chart

There is still a long way to go.

Despite evidence of a recovery in the NFT market, January’s figures were still significantly lower than the market peak in January 2022.

Monthly sales were $5.281 billion at the time, with 305k unique sellers and 450.3k unique buyers — and an average sale price of $2,388.

As a result, sales are down 85% year on year, unique sellers and buyers are down 12% and 43%, respectively, while the average sale price is 84% below the January 2022 peak.

Interest in non-fungibles has increased in recent weeks, owing largely to Ordinals on the Bitcoin blockchain. However, with macro uncertainty remaining high, it remains to be seen whether the recent increase in NFT sales will last.

Ethereum is still number 1 for NFTs

In terms of sales metrics, unique sellers and buyers, and transaction volume, Ethereum remains the leading NFT platform, far outpacing its closest competitor Solana.

Solana’s NFT sales in the last 30 days totaled $115.3 million, while Ethereum’s totaled $861.3 million — nearly seven times more.

Surprisingly, NFTs sales on ImmutableX and Aribitrum have increased by 45.3% and 157.6%, respectively, during this time period.

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