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Tokens are indivisible, which is common information in the NFT industry. For collectors, this means that you must source all of the money listed on the price tag when buying an NFT or a tokenized item. Crypto fans and art enthusiasts have mainly been thrown aside due to their limited financial resources due to the high cost of purchasing some NFTs. But not for long.(NFTs News)

Through SmarterWorx, crypto and art enthusiasts can now invest in NFTs within their financial means. Fractionalized NFTs (F-NFTs), which enable collective ownership of NFTs and provide income for investors, were invented by this DeFi protocol. The Sandbox and Decentraland, two well-known NFT players, are shocked.

Knowledge about SmarterWorx

The protocol that cryptocurrency investors didn’t know they needed is called SmarterWorx. The protocol uses NFT technology to increase the value of tangible works of art and enables investors to own a portion of the works of art using F-NFTs. SmarterWorx purchases works of art from accomplished market creators and then produces their NFTs. To prevent fakes, these asset-backed NFTs leave a digital trace of the original artwork.

F-NFTs make art and NFT investing simpler because they don’t require large starting investments. By reselling the works of art and associated NFTs for a profit, SmarterWorx makes money off of them. Holders of F-NFT receive the transaction’s earnings as compensation for purchasing art.

A framework has been created by SmarterWorx to make the project self-sufficient. To ensure that SmarterWorx’s asset portfolio is continuously expanding, a portion of the money from art sales is first reinvested in the purchase of new tangible works of art. The platform then adds money to its treasury via its native token, $ARTX, to fund the acquisition of fresh works of art.

Importantly, SmarterWorx makes sure that the $ARTX tokens are backed by real works of art. Holders can thus unwind without being concerned about inflation or market turbulence. SmarterWorx has made the process of making money from fine art easier using $ARTX and F-NFTs.

What Is the Process of Decentraland?

Built on Ethereum, Decentraland is a decentralized virtual ecosystem. Users of the platform can buy virtual parcels of land, develop them, and earn money from them through gamification. The trading platform, which is wholly owned by its users, exchanges the land parcels for NFTs.

Decentraland only accepts NFTs that are not divisible. Since they need access to additional money, many people who are interested in owning virtual land are barred from doing so. In general, NFTs’ path toward wide-scale acceptance has been hampered by comparable techniques. For ordinary investors, many projects are pricey and unattractive. The native token of Decentraland, $MANA, fell by approximately 90% in 2022 due to the effects of the bear market and growing dissatisfaction with pricey NFTs.

What is The Sandbox?

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The Sandbox is a gamified blockchain platform, similar to Decentraland, that lets users build, develop, and sell virtual assets. The fully decentralized protocol uses NFTs to fuel a gaming economy with incentives. Through its play-to-earn (P2E) concept, users can take part in games and earn rewards like cryptocurrency and NFTs.

A specialized protocol aimed for gamers is called The Sandbox. Even yet, users of the protocol need a lot of resources to take advantage of this decentralized gaming experience. The native $SAND token of The Sandbox has fallen 90% since 2022.

Final Takeaway

The luxury label is being taken off the NFT market by SmarterWorx. Anybody with any budget can engage in the sector and generate passive income using F-NFTs. Blockchain technology may enter mainstream applications if the NFT market grows. That mainstream industry is the art industry, according to SmarterWorx.

To encourage artists, investors, and art enthusiasts, SmarterWorx is laying the groundwork for a thriving art industry that crosses traditional boundaries between the physical and digital worlds. To rekindle their growth, communities of well-known NFT platforms like Decentraland and Sandbox can learn a lot from SmarterWorx.

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